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The Phonothèque québécoise keeps several collections acquired from private individual donations. They mostly consist of sound recordings on records, tape reels and cassettes; historically significant audiovisual documents; publications (books, monographies, reference books and theses) on the subjects of sound and music. The Phonothèque also owns various artifacts coming from private and instutitional donations or from exhibition collections (sound reproduction devices, t-shirts, posters, curiosities).


History, policy and methodology (main inventory of collections)

In the fall of 1994, Jean-Paul Moreau, Réal La Rochelle and Jacqueline Ascah made a brief inventory of the Phonothèque québécoise's collections. Following Jean-Paul Moreau's idea, the reference numbers of the collections and their specific contents have been attributed like so:

First 4 digits: year of inventory of the deposit of the collection at the Phonothèque. For this first inventory, the year 1994 was attributed to all the collections acquired since 1989. A second inventory was done in 1998 and covers the collections acquired between 1994 and 1998.

Next 4 digits: an incrementing number (from 1) attributed to all the items of a collection acquired from the same donor.

Last 4 digits: an incrementing number (from 1) attributed to each item in a collection.


1994-0019 = Robert Giroux collection

1994-0019-0001 = item from the Robert Giroux collection, in this case the publication Bulletin des Publications Yé-Yé et de SARMA inc, Rendez-vous 91, 1990

Since the summer of 1998, Christian Lewis is maintaining a main inventory with collection descriptors. Some collections have been treated more exhaustively.

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You can also visit the website of the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), where approximately 2,500 items from our collections are detailed: Available on the CHIN's website by entering Phonothèque québécoise in the Institution field, since this database gathers material from most of the Canadian museums: 
http://daryl.chin.gc.ca/Artefacts/f_MasterLayout.cgi. If you are only looking for sleeve images, check the box Only records with images.

The same digitized record sleeves are available on the website of the Virtual Museum of Canada, at http://www.virtualmuseum.ca, by entering Phonothèque in the search field.


(Contents presented by inverse order of collection numbers)


Collection of the Phonothèque québécoise


Édith de Villers

33rpm records of popular music (folk rock and songs). Mrs de Villers  is a music lover.


Denise Robert

33rpm records of classical music. Mrs Robert is a producer (for Les Invasions barbares of Denys Arcand).


Association de création et de diffusion sonore et électronique (AVATAR)

29 compact discs of avant-garde music and audio art. AVATAR, established in Quebec city is an art audio label.


Casa Obscura

70  33rpm records  of popular music, classical music, jazz used for cultural activities at the Centre culturel de la Casa Obscura in Montreal.


Clermont Plante

31  33rpm records  of classical music. Abbé Clermont Plante is a music lover.


Pierre Mercier

20  33rpm records to learn English.


National Film Board

26 reels of 1/4-inch tape of CBF radio programs, popular songs published between 1930 and 1950, speeches of politicians (Maurice Duplessis and Camillien Houde) and studio's sound samples. These reels were used by Maurice Blackburn, composer for the NFB.


Raymond Gervais

11 posters, 5 reels of 1/4-inch tape, 3 books, 137 magazines published between 1940 and 1970 about jazz (Jazz Magazine, Jazz Hot, Down Beat, Jazz Journal and Coda) and 14 33rpm record of contemporary music and experimental jazz. Raymond Gervais is an artist and radio host interested by jazz and history of record.


Collège Notre-Dame

(via Louis Dulude)

12 33rpm records of folkloric music, litterature and oral history, 2 Tape Deck with 4 playback speeds.


Alain Ducharme

164 78rpm records of classical music, instrumental pop music, opera, and songs, including illustrated album sleeves, Garrard turntables with 4 playback speeds. The collection belonged to the donor's parents, involved on the music scene; Mr. Ducharme's mother was a pianist with the choir Les Disciples de Massenet.


Estelle Brisson

98 33rpm records of classical music and world music. Mrs. Brisson is a music lover.


Luc Desjardins

30 books on the topic of record sleeve design in several music styles (rock, reggae, country, punk, techno, jazz),  over 200 33rpm records collected following iconographical criteria related to phonography (including "meta-sleeves," sleeves refering to other sleeves), studio equipment (microphones, desks), sound reproduction devices (juke-box, record players...). Mr. Desjardins is a chemist, musician, collector, and director of the Phonothèque québécoise.



Gabriel Labbé

30 33rpm records and 150 78rpm records of folk music from Quebec and abroad. This sample from a prestigious collection of folk records illustrates the research activities of the donor, activities that allowed him to prepare a reference book and anthologies of sound recordings of Quebec music in collaboration with Radio-Canada or Folkways. Mr. Labbé is a harmonica player, writer, collector, and researcher in the field of folk music.


Yves Hamel

7 reels of 1/4-inch tape and 8 audiotapes of radio programs (news bulletins, jingles, program excerpts) broadcasted on CKAC, CJMS, CKLM, CKCV, CKJL, CJSA and CFGL. Mr. Hamel was a radio and television host for 25 years in Montreal and Quebec City, between 1969 and 1994. He also wrote for newspapers and he later turned to Internet and multimedia production.


Gilbert Picard

48 33rpm albums of folk, classical and contemporary music, and interviews. Mr. Picard has worked as a producer for the Radio-Canada radio, on cultural programs in particular.


Alain Villain

Donation: 2002

1 compact disc, compilation album of the record label Stil, 1 audiotape, 1 33rpm record and its accompanying book, 1 piece of sheet music by Rameau; a sample of the production of an independent record label donated and selected by its director, Alain Villain.


Stéphane Lépine

Donation: 2002

9 compact discs (CD-R) and a detailed summary of the radio program Carnets de Régine Robin, produced by Stéphane Lépine, producer and host of the program Paysages littéraires broadcasted on Radio-Canada's "chaîne culturelle."


Bruno-Serge Boucher

Donation: 2002

5 reels of 1/4-inch tape containing radio programs from the late '50s broadcasted on CHLT (Sherbrooke), including the program Les Glaneurs de l'harmonie, titled after the choir conducted by Miss Marie-Anne Couture, a concert by the same choir recorded in December 1962, 8 songs by Rolande et Rodrigue, an Easter recital, folk tunes recorded in June 1958, a speech by Armand Nadeau, mayor of Sherbrooke, at the occasion of the centennial of the Société St-Jean Baptiste de Sherbrooke, and a play by the Théâtre des petits.


Délégation générale du Québec à Paris

Donation: 2001

800 33rpm records making up the record collection of the Quebec delegation-general in Paris. These records served for a radio program produced by the delegation. This collection presents an interesting sample of the promotion of Quebec culture in other countries.


Collège de Sherbrooke

(via Francine Pelletier, librairian at the Centre des médias of the Collège de Sherbrooke)

Donation: 2001

200 33rpm records and a few 45rpm records of French songs, Anglo-Saxon popular music, political speeches (such as Mussolini, Lenin, Hitler, De Gaulle, Martin Luther King), tales, poetry, authors (such as Jean Rostand and Marguerite Yourcenar), world music (from Vietman, Laos, Latin America, Senegal...), and film music.


Jacques Lemieux

Donation: 2001

A tape edited by the donor, 1 compact disc (CD) of a recital performed by Maria Callas and Giuseppe Di Stefano in Montreal and a few dozens of opera music videos in Beta format. Mr. Lemieux is a music lover and ex-record-dealer.


Bernard Coulombe

Donation: 2001

A Telefunken portable tape recorder (model 300, from the 1960s) and a 5-inch reel, an example of a sound collage for a church service and social animation by the donor, Reverend Bernard Coulombe.


Walter De Mohrenschildt

Donation: 2001

Printed documents presenting close to 100 catalogs of mostly jazz and classical music.


Gennaro de Pasquale

Donation: 2001

10 modified CD cases by the the artist Gennaro de Pasquale and presented as part of Post-Audio Esthetic, an exhibition on sound at the Clark Gallery, plus a file of the exhibition, including photographs and a CD-ROM.


Christian Chevalier

Donation: 2000

18 vinyl records with 2 or 4 center holes containing recordings of a concert by and interviews with Maurice Chevalier for the radio programs of Radio-Canada, with a book on the same topic, plus an interview with Fernandel conducted at CKRS Jonquière (circa 1940) and a recording of Lionel Groulx. Mr. Chevalier is a producer.


Denyse Léger

28 33rpm and 78 rpm records of classical and opera music, some of them are one-sided. Mrs. Denyse Léger and her husband are music lovers.


Département de cinéma du Collège Montmorency

Donation: 1999

(via Gérald Pageau, in charge of the Cinema Department)

Teaching material on film and television trades comprising 5 33rpm records, 5 reels of microfilm, 1 reel of Super 8mm film, and 2 booklets.


Michel Décarie

Donation: 1999

146 33rpm records of jazz music selected by the artist Raymond Gervais and 3 posters comprising text written by Mr. Gervais for the exhibition presented as a tribute to Mr. Décarie. Mr. Décarie was a fine jazz record collector.

See Inventory of Achievements: Cinémathèque Exhibition (1999)


Carole Lynch

Donation: 1999

116 33rpm records in the unusual 16-inch format, comprising recordings of singing contests for the Radio-Canada radio program Nos futures étoiles, broadcasted in the '40s and '50s. Several Quebec artists made their debut on this program, including Joseph Rouleau, Yoland Guérard and Robert Savoie. Mrs. Lynch is a tour guide.


Association française des détenteurs de documents Audiovisuels et Sonores (A.F.A.S.)

Donation: 1999

3 A.F.A.S. periodicals: Sonorités - Cahiers du Patrimoine Sonore et Audiovisuel, Vol. 1 to 3.


Maryvonne Kendergian

Donation: 1999

362 33rpm records, mostly of contemporary (electroacoustic, vocal and instrumental) music from here and abroad, classical music, and some international folk music and popular music. Mrs Kendergian, known under the name Kendergi, is a renowned musicologist who has contributed to the development of contemporary music in Quebec, namely as a radio host at Radio-Canada.


Dollar Laporte

8 audiotapes containing recordings of the radio program CBF Bonjour, broadcasted by Radio-Canada radio's "première chaîne" in December 1996, including the last edition of this program and the nomination of Dollar Laporte as a honorary member of the Phonothèque québécoise. Mr. Laporte worked as a sound engineer at CBF (Radio-Canada).


Lucille Chabot

Donation: 1998

92 33rpm albums including 12 box sets, 7 45rpm records and 1 33rpm 10-inch record of classical music, opera, folk music from various countries and popular music, 1 Nikko compact disc player, 1 Mitsubishi Interplay System X-10 vertical turntable-radio combo, one tape recorder and two loudspeakers (an uncommon model from the late 1970s). Mrs. Chabot is a music lover.


Bibliothèque de la faculté de musique de l'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

(via Jacques Dupré and Gerald Parker)

78rpm box sets and 33rpm records, plus a master's thesis. This collection contains mostly classical music from the 17th up to the early 20th century (orchestral music, chamber music, and a few operas).


Francine Allaire

8 audiotapes of Quebec folk music. Francine Allaire is a filmmaker and has worked in communications.

See also the collections 1998-0043 and1994-0028


André Breton

Donation: 1998

4 boxes containing magnetic tapes and videotapes of recordings of radio programs. These are the donor's professional productions and productions from students at the Communications Department of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) where Mr. Breton teaches. There are also tools for cleaning 78rpm records and paper archives pertaining to radio, the teaching of communications in Quebec, and the restoration of historical recordings, namely the production of the complete works of La Bolduc, of which Mr. Breton was in charge.



Documentation on self-production in Quebec western music and 1 copy of a cassette found in Val-Senneville, Abitibi.


Religieuses hospitalières de Saint-Joseph

Donation 1998

(via Monique Neault)

50 33rpm records of pastoral-like music from this religious community established in Val d'Or.


Radio-Canada - Chaîne culturelle FM

Deposit: 1998

Approximately 400 digital audio tapes (DAT)  of radio dramas produced by Radio-Canada radio's "chaîne culturelle" (FM) between 1987 and 1997.


Martin Dûchesne

Donation: 1998

Victor Talking Machine gramophone made in Montreal circa 1907, 1 78rpm record of popular music (foxtrot), 1 commemorative box set documenting the acoustic horn recording process, and 1 one-sided metal record.


Nancy and Guy L. Côté

Donation: 1998

57 78rpm records of classical music used in the 1950s to provide soundtracks for silent films. Helped by his wife and using his personal collection, Mr. Côté produced a few soundtracks for film societies. Mr. Guy L. Côté is the founder of the Cinémathèque québécoise and worked as a producer and director for the National Film Board (NFB). His collection was offered by his wife, Mrs. Nancy Côté, first executive secretary of the Cinémathèque québécoise.


Marcel Dubé

Donation via Pierre Jutras in 1998

Records, mostly from the classical repertoire, illustrating the tastes of a passionate collector of music from the second half of the 20th century.


Renée Legris and Pierre Pagé

Deposit: 1998

43 boxes containing radio archives, including 5 cases of microfilms, 10 cases of audio cassettes, 1 case of master audio tapes, 4 cases of video cassettes, 2 cases of publications (including some documents on television and 12 cases of appended documents), and 1 case of posters of Quebec celebrities related to the field of communications. One cabinet and one microfilm reader, plus one audiotape rack are also part of this collection. Mr. Pagé is a researcher in the history of Quebec radio and a professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Mrs. Legris is a professor in literature at the UQAM.


Paul Lapointe

A document entitled Le chant des sirènes: proposition finale du scénario (working title), by Georgette Duchaîne and Louis Ricard, was deposited by Paul Lapointe, producer at the National Film Board (NFB). Louis Ricard's film came out in 1997 under the title Odyssée sonore and has for starting point the works of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, an electroacoustician and father of sound ecology. Mr. Claude Schryer composed the film music.


Vidéographe et Sonographe

Deposit: July 1998

via Francine Paquin, archivist

Audio and paper documents from the production activities of the Sonographe, the sound creation workshop of the Vidéographe, mostly active in the '70s. This collection also comprises 200 broadcast audiotapes and 315 1/4-inch soundtracks of video productions, some of them by the Vidéographe.

See also the collections 1998-0053 and 1994-0028


Pierre Jutras

Donation: July 1998

5 albums entitled Living Shakespeare, including recordings on 33rpm vinyl records and complete booklets of the playright's works. Mr. Jutras is curator at the Cinémathèque québécoise.


Robert Marcel Lepage

Donation: June 1998

A large laminated poster of Callas (from the collection of the Musée de la civilisation), modified by the donor who has pasted graphic elements, an altered vinyl record and a compact disc (CD) entitled Callas: la diva et le vinyle on the lamination. Mr. Lepage is a clarinetist and composer. He has taken part to the aforementioned compact disc (CD).


Martin Tétreault

Donation: June 1998

A large laminated poster of Callas (from the collection of the Musée de la civilisation), modified by the donor who has pasted graphic elements, an altered vinyl record and a compact disc (CD) entitled Callas: la diva et le vinyle on the lamination; 1 compact disc (CD) by Martin Tétreault entitled La nuit où j'ai dit non; 1 sleeve/board game. Mr. Tétreault is a musician. He works with turntables and has taken part to the aforementioned compact disc (CD) Callas: la diva et le vinyle.


Philippe Trolliet

Donation: June 1998

An almost complete collection of the Journal of the AES, magazines on sound, a music dictionary, diagrams and technical information for audio equipment, including microphones and tape recorders, an Astatic microphone, an Acoustic Research turntable, an optic toy created by Maurice Blackburn of the National Film Board (NFB), master tapes of a concert by Raôul Duguay. Mr. Trolliet has worked at the National Film Board (NFB) for 30 years in the areas of sound and the technical design of mixing studios.


Pierre de Lanauze

Donation via François Auger in 1998

33rpm records of classical and popular music. Mr. de Lanauze was a cameraman at Radio-Canada and the owner of businesses offering technical services to the film industry.


Armand Plante

Donation: 1998

45 1/4-inch magnetic tapes consisting of recordings made by the Radio-Canada radio. They are essentially French and Italian operas. Mr. Plante has worked as a producer at Radio-Canada.


Bibliothèque nationale du Québec

A few cases of rejected or duplicate 78rpm and 33rpm records coming from the legal deposit of the institution.


Roger Hamelin

33rpm and 45rpm records, audiotapes. The collection was donated by his wife, Lucienne Bazinet Hamelin, on September 23, 1994. A blind composer and musician, Mr. Hamelin built his collection over a long period of time. After his death, his wife gave us part of his collection. Mr. Hamelin, who performed under the name Guy Ducharme, was a member of the Union des artistes as a musician, singer and organist. Among other things, it seems he has written some pieces for Radio-Canada.


Daniel Courville

D. Courville, Procédés et systèmes d'enregistrement et de reproduction sonore en trois dimensions, master's thesis in Communications, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Dec. 1993.


Claude Benoît

Left-overs from the sound-related exhibition Expotec 92 by the company Métamorphoses Claude Benoît: a study on the potential of scientific and technical communication, preliminary draft, animation design by Paroles en Jeu Inc., animation framework, texts for the exhibition.


Marie-Odile Bugnet-Buchwalter

1994-0032-0001 Bugnet-Buchwalter, Marie-Odile, La place de la musique et plus particulièrement des disques compacts dans les bibliothèques publiques du Québec, study, Université de Montréal, April 1991.


Dominique Chalifoux

1994-0031-0001 D. Chalifoux, Rapport de recherche sur la collection d'appareils radio et phonographes du musée de la ville de Lachine, annexe 2, travail de recherche, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), juin 92 (2 copies). Mrs. Chalifoux is a museologist.


Roger Drolet

1994-0030-0001 Drolet, Roger, Société sonore et marchandisation de la culture : l'enregistrement musical au Québec, master's thesis, Université Laval, September 1986.


Gagnon, Alain

1994-0029-0001 Tremblay, Gaétan (dir.), Les Industries de la culture et de la communication au Québec et au Canada, Presses de l'Université du Québec, 1990.


Jean-Jacques Leduc

Donation: 1993

Paper archives of the Montreal Sonographe. Mr. Leduc is a fillmmaker and a founding member of the Sonographe. See also the collections 1998-0053 and1994-0043.


Association pour la création et la recherche électroacoustiques du Québec (ACREQ)

Donation: 1992

1 T-shirt of the "7ième printemps électroacoustique."


Studio Victor

Donation: 1992

1 T-shirt bearing the effigy of the Studio Victor.


Groupe de recherche sur la bande sonore

Donation: 1991

8 audiotapes and 4 videotapes. They consist of debates and lectures held by this group, along with exceprts from Quebec films. This group has been associated with the Association québécoise des études cinématographiques (AQEC).


Luc Tremblay

Donation: 1991

1 45rpm record of the group Publik Adress, plus a poster and a few photocopies of song lyrics by this group (circa 1988-1989). Mr. Tremblay was a member of this group.


Michel Martin

Donation: 1991

1 videotape by The Go-go's and 1 compact disc (CD) by Isabelle Boulay. Mr. Martin works at the Cinémathèque québécoise.


Phonothèque Nationale de France

Donation: 1994

4 box sets of compact discs (CD), 1 audiotape and 1 demo by the Phonothèque nationale de France, including classical, Corsican and film music, a database and a literary work by L.F. Céline; 1 catalog of an exhibition about Charles Cros and some documentation on legal deposit.


Gilles Marchand

8 audiotapes of the series Ici comme Ailleurs (Disques Atouts). Mr. Marchand is a producer and host at Radio-Canada radio.


Francine Laurendeau

Donation: 1994

2 33rpm picture discs by Henri Salvador. Mme. Laurendeau is a film critic, host and producer at Radio-Canada radio.


Giroux, Robert (director of Éditions Triptyques)

Donation: 1994

18 78rpm and 1 33rpm records of American and Quebec popular music, 24 books published by this publishing house on the topic of sound heritage from Quebec and abroad, 56 scores, sheet music or collections of French, American and Quebec popular music, and 4 catalogs. Mr. Giroux is the founding director of Éditions Tryptique and a professor in Literature and Communications at the Université de Sherbrooke.


Robert Daudelin

Donation: 1992

1 Lenco turntable. Mr. Daudelin is the general manager of the Cinémathèque québécoise.


Réal La Rochelle

Donation: 1990

214 magazines, 930 monographies, 800 33rpm records, 173 compact discs (CD), 860 videotapes, 35 video discs, 180 audiovisual documents on various media, 12 posters, 1 Webster-Chicago electrical-wire tape recorder, 1 Columbia Records ornamental record, 1 La Voix de son maître plate, 2 wooden cassette racks, documentation (5 linear meters of press kits), black and white photographies (the making of a record), plus lists of the International Association of Sound Archives and the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. This collection is the result of the donor's research in the history of the radio and record industry (including Maria Callas' case).Mr. La Rochelle is a member of the Board of Administrators of the Phonothèque québécoise and has been its President. He is a writer and professor in Cinema.


Edgar Richard

1 prototype of a mechanical gramophone (with wind-up handle, 2 horns and a small record of an unusual size), 5 gramophone horns of various colors and sizes, approximately 20 photographs taken before and during the auction of the Richard collection.

See also the collection item 1994-0000-0106, audiotape of the auction of the Richard collection by Marcel Carrière.


Université d'Ottawa, médiathèque

This was the individual private collection of the Saint-Cyr familiy. It contains 150 45rpm records of Quebec popular music from the 1960s and 1970s. There is also some French popular music from the same period and some American popular music from the previous generation. 15 box sets of 45rpm records of French chanson and classical music round up the collection. A detailed inventory of this collection has also been deposited.


Cinémathèque québécoise

Donation: 1991

1 compact disc (CD), 1 cassette and 1 33rpm record of Jean Corriveau's music for the film Un Zoo la nuit, 1 double album entitled Musiques de l'O.N.F., Vol 1, 2 45rpm records of Jean Corriveau's music for the film À tout prendre, and an album of 4 33rpm flexi-discs entitled Chant et poésie, no. 2.

(via the Cinémathèque québécoise)

15 audiotapes consisting of interviews conducted by Jean Laurendeau with Renée and Maurice Martenot, the engineer who, in 1928,  invented the ondes Martenot, one of the very few electronic instruments to have been used by composers of contemporary classical music.

65 1/4-inch tape reels consisting of performances by the Quatuor du jazz libre du Québec (between 1968 and 1973), with the occasional participation of Walter Boudreault and Raôul Duguay.

25 phonography-related monographies (popular music, jazz and songs).


Roland Gagnon

Donation: 1991

18 33rpm 7-inch records of American popular music from the 1950s and 1960s, and 20 45rpm records of Quebec, French and Anglo-Saxon popular music from the 1950s and 1960s.


Joseph Champagne

8 acetate records produced by the National Film Board (NFB), reels, records, books, periodicals, technical material and instruction manuals for equipment dating from 1950-1970, most of all this on the development of sound in cinema and at the NFP. Mr. Champagne worked for the NFB as a sound engineer.


Bruno Lévesque

Donation by the parents of Bruno Lévesque: ?

(via Robert Giroux)

Approximately 80 45rpm records of Quebec popular music from the 1960s and 1970s, plus approximately 40 45rpm records of popular music (mostly French and American) from the same period.


Michel Lanctôt

Donation: 1992

Approximately 30 33rpm records of classical music, including Bruckner's complete symphonies, a box set of Chopin's piano music, and 3 records of music from South America.


Jean-Yves Contant

Donation: 1991

4 33rpm records of classical music and 210 78rpm records, including French and Quebec songs, variety music, folk music from Israel and various European and American countries, swing-era jazz (including an album by Lena Horne) and a few lyrical works (including an album of French melodies).


Nicole Guillemet

Donation: 1994

(via André Breton)

1 Edison gramophone model C 150 in worn condition, 20 78rpm records published by the Edison label and in rather bad condition; they consist of military music, light vocal music and variety music. Mrs. Guillemet worked as a producer for Radio-Canada in Vancouver.


Marie-Pascale Auclair

Donation: 1994

7 albums of classical music, including some works by Debussy and Lalo, plus an Assimil method to learn foreign languages and a few records of french songs, including Félix Leclerc.


Louise Carrière

Donation: 1991

1 Victor radio dating from the 1920s and 1 stamp La voix de son maître. Mrs. Carrière is a critic and teaches cinema.


Nicole Tremblay

Donation: 1991

1 empty stereo sound system cabinet, 1 Sony radio dating from the 1960s, 1 Fleetwood record player (a "pick-up" model), 1 rack for 33rpm and 45rpm records and a promotional 33rpm flexi-disc published by Reader's Digest. Mrs. Tremblay is a librairian.


Musée de la civilisation

Deposit: 1994

34 33rpm records of popular music from the 1960s and 1970s, including some Quebec titles, 3 4-track cassettes and 4 8-track cassettes of francophone popular music, 1 audio book entitled De quoi t'ennuies-tu Eveline? by Gabrielle Roy. 134 files are also part of this collection. They consist of various articles on sound heritage published between 1900 and 1990. They are accompanied by 8 small laminated photographs.

This collection also contains several artifacts from the exhibition  'Du cylindre au laser' (1989), including 8 cardboard poster rolls and 14 information posters with photographs protected by plexi-glass, 35 film posters, including 7 large ones, a few fliers, 1 laser video disc about the exhibition and a videotape entitled Le studio, une fabrique à sons produced by the Musée de la civilisation, finally, 20 laminated illustrations or photographs related to sound approached from an historical and technical perspective. 6 of them are large and portray celebrities or logos significant in the history of sound recording (Callas, Edison...). One of them was modified by Réal La Rochelle for the event Résonances et contrepoints.

3 sound diffusion devices called "bastringue" round up this collection.


Mario Gauthier

Donation: 1992

1 master's thesis in musicology by Mario Gauthier: Formes et fonctions de la musique dans le cinéma américain : 1895-1950, Université de Montréal, September 1989.

2 concert tapes (CBC) et 2 records pressed for radio broadcast.

Mr. Gauthier is a musicologist and a producer for Radio-Canada radio.


Missionnaires Oblats de Marie Immaculée (O.M.I.)

Donation: 1991

The Missionnaires Oblats de Marie Immaculée collection was deposited via Brother Normand Martel (O.M.I.) and the archivist Donat Levasseur. It was deposited in conjunction with a film deposit at the Cinémathèque québécoise. It consists of:

A Philips reel-to-reel tape recorder, 225 33rpm records (including 62 10-inch records) of Quebec popular music from the 1950s and 1960s, classical music, folk music from various countries, variety music, 500 78rpm records of classical music, and 150 audiotapes of documentaries on the missions and the activities of this community (with a topical inventory).


Ernest Parizeau

Donation: 1992

842 33rpm records, including many box sets. The repertoire of this collection consists essentially of classical music from the Early Music period up to Post-Romanticism. There is vocal music, orchestral music, and chamber music. A donation made by the priest and teacher Ernest Parizeau, this individual private collection illustrates the interests of Quebec music lovers in the mid-20th century.


Phonothèque québécoise

150 publications consisting of monographies, periodicals, governmental documents and catalogs pertaining to sound heritage, museum science and library science.

10 files on exhibitions about sound.

3 scores, sheet music or collections of French and Quebec popular music.

1 master's thesis by Louis Cloutier on the musician Arthur Hoérée.

A 4-track tape recording of Quebec folk music interpreted on diatonic harmonica by Gabriel Labbé, plus the latter's lecture at the annual general meeting of the Phonothèque in March 1994.

Photographs of the release party of Gabriel Labbé's book: Musiciens traditionnels du Québec

Photographs of the auction of the Richard collection.

Photographs of the forum on sound heritage with Lise Bissonnette, Marie-France Calas and Edgar Fruitier (May 9, 2002).

Photographs of the Journée des musées (May 26, 2002).

Approximately 30 photographs of radio archives from NBC and Columbia-CBS (via Pierre Véronneau of the Cinémathèque québécoise).

1 poster entitled "vinyl video" by the Austrian artist Gebhard Sengmüller (Festival international du nouveau cinéma et des nouveaux médias de Montréal)

1 audiotape of Edgar Fruitier's lecture at the annual general meeting of the Phonothèque in May 1998.

1 4-track audiotape: Encan de la collection Richard and interview with Mr. Richard conducted by Marcel Carrière on June 11, 1994.

1 audiotape of interviews (conducted by André Barrette in April 1977) on the history of radio.

25 albums of compact discs (CD) of literature and classical, contemporary and Quebec folk music.

1 CD-ROM of the exhibition Montréal Télégraphe / Le son iconographe

4 CD-ROMs on sound heritage.

3 audiotapes - Ici comme Ailleurs (Société Radio-Canada  - SRC), press conference held in November 1990; see: Inventory of individual private collections, interview conducted by Yves Claudé with P. Laframboise.

3 audiotapes on the history of Montreal as heard through sound archives.

1 videotape of the project Histoire de la radio, (Louise Cloutier) recorded at the annual general meeting in May 1996.

3 albums co-produced by the Phonothèque québécoise on La Bolduc (on cassette and compact disc CD), Maurice Blackburn, and François Dompierre's soundtrack for the film Ixe-13 (on compact disc CD only).

4 audiotapes of the series Radio mémoire under the titles: Les meilleurs moments (1995) and 40 ans de radio (1990),Radio France.

1 laser video disc of radio dramas by Orson Welles: Theatre of the imagination, 1988.

1 miniature radio (walkman) with 1 set of headphones automatically syntonizing Radio-Canada's two frequencies.

Phonothèque québécoise and Société historique de St-Henri, Étude historique sur le complexe Berliner-RCA, 1991.

Phonothèque québécoise and Société historique de St-Henri, Histoire orale de la RCA Victor, 1991.

Phonothèque québécoise (Claudé, Yves and Drolet, Roger), Inventaire des collections personnelles d'archives sonores, 3 volumes and 2 computer files.


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