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The Phonothèque québécoise, under the honorary chairmanship of Edgar Fruitier,  counts some one hundred members, including musicians, composers, sound men, mixing engineers, sound designers, record and concert producers, record dealers, music librarians, musicologists, researchers, teachers, book publishers, librarians, information management specialists, archivists, curators, music critics, radio hosts and columnists, radio/television/film producers, collectors and music lovers of all sorts.

The annual membership fee is $25, renewable at our annual meeting in May. You may apply for membership by writing to our secretary at the Phonothèque office, 335 de Maisonneuve Boulevard East, Montreal (Quebec), H2X 1K1, with cheque payable to the Phonothèque québécoise.  As is customary among non-profit organizations, our board of directors must then approve your application. To this end, your request should include a sentence or two stating why you are interested in sound heritage (for professional reasons, for example, or as a collector or music lover).

For more information about our objectives, activities and terms of membership, please contact us at (514) 282-0703, Tuesday through Thursday, or email us, or browse our website.



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