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What to do with personal collections of records and sound archives?

Donors begin by presenting a preliminary seven-point inventory of their collections (see below) to our acquisitions committee for study. Collections may be accepted as a whole or piece-by-piece, depending on the priorities established by our mandate and current acquisitions policy. If professional assessors or archivists will be needed to appraise the value of the collections, this will be stated in a donation or deposit contract. The Phonothèque québécoise will direct donors whose collections it refuses to other institutions likely to be interested.

Guidelines (Who acquires What?)

It can be difficult to assess the heritage value of a record collection, especially if it has been passed on to you. These organizations can help you: the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec (legal deposit for material produced in Quebec), the National Library of Canada and the Phonothèque québécoise. Before you contact us, you must list the records in your collection, being sure to include the following information:


title Suite no 1; Suite no 2

composer Bach, Johann Sebastian

Interpreter Casals, Pablo

label Erato

serial number STU 18970

number of records 2

condition good

ensemble Madrid Early Music Orchestra

(If you are sending your list on diskette, please follow the above example, including capitalization and punctuation)

Word processor documents, spreadsheets and databases are all excellent formats for producing lists. Your list will help curators, archivists, collectors and appraisers to advise you. Items are selected based on their rarity, heritage value, condition and uniqueness (to avoid one institution acquiring duplicates of material already acquired by another Quebec institution). The acquiring organization's priorities and its available conservation space are also important in making selections, as are its acquisitions policy and mandate.

This site offers references you can use once your list is complete.

The next two addresses are helpful if your collections are related to legal deposits:

Bibliothèque nationale du Québec: http://www.bnquebec.ca/

National Library of Canada: http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/fhome.htm

Please do not hesitate to send us your list or to contact us. Since all requests are analyzed and then forwarded to an acquisitions committee for approval, it will take some time before you receive a repsonse : e-mail

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