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75 years of radio

Radio in Quebec society


1. This is a reproduction of the graphic used in the annual report of the department of Fisheries and Oceans for the year 1922-1923. [return]

2. The year 1922 is also a landmark year in Europe since it saw the creation of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and of Radio-Paris as well as the beginnings of broadcasting from Radio-Tour-Eiffel in Paris. The United States was two years ahead and so all the important cities had a radio station. In 1923 there were 600 American stations. [return]

3. For the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s, the lists may be incomplete due to inconsistencies and gaps among the historical sources. [return]

4. See note 1. [return]

5. See note 1. [return]

6. See note 1. [return]

7. Station CIQC, the property of Metromédia CMR Plus Inc., in Verdun, did begin broadcasting with this station ID. In 1991, with a renewed licence, it took over from CFCF which had been purchased by Métromédia and abandoned. Some sources list CIQC as having started in 1919, which is a double mistake. CIQC is no longer CFCF, and on the other hand, CFCF began broadcasting in 1922 with the group of Canada’s first broadcasters. Note as well that Métromédia also owns CKVL, CKOI-FM and CFQR-FM. [return]

8. These figures are estimates that were calculated in July of 1997, based on three main sources, whose methodologies and data are not consistent: the  CARD (Canadian Advertising Rates and Datas, June 1997) list; the Guide Annuel Qui Fait Quoi (1997); the directory of media in Canada / Club de Presse Blitz (1997). They were also compared with data available from the CRTC, but where the categories are different. The CRTC no longer publishes an annual report, and has not done so since 1991-1992. The CARD list does not mention public radio stations or student stations, or religious, or Native stations. It identifies 82 commercial stations and 13 community stations for a total of 95 licences in Quebec. [return]

9. Source: membership list of the Association des radiodiffuseurs communautaires du Québec (January 1997), complemented by other sources. Our data include the religious radio station CIRA-FM (Montreal) and CION (Quebec). The Directory / Club de Presse Blitz classifies a few community stations among the commercial ones. [return]

10. Source: Guide Qui fait quoi (1997) and Directory / Club de Presse Blitz. [return]

11. Among the commercial stations, 55 are affiliated with one of the 7 radio networks: Antenne Bleue (Longueuil), Cogeco Radio-Télévision Inc. (Montreal), Radio-Nord (Rouyn-Noranda), Radiomédia (Montreal), Radiomutuel Inc. (Montreal), Réseau des Appalaches (Thetford Mines), Télémédia Communications Inc. (Montreal). [return]

12. Source: Annual Report, SRC/CBC, 1995-1996. [return]

13. Source: Annual Report, SRC/CBC, 1995-1996. [return]

14. Source: Guide Qui fait quoi, Montreal, 1997, along with the Directory / Club de Presse Blitz. [return]

15. Source: Directory / Club de Presse Blitz. It gives an integrated list of the Native and community stations, totalling 77 in all. [return


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75 years of radio
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